My pulled pork chili won best title for the 7th Annual Hall of Fame Chili Cook-off.

My Title: Notorious P.I.G.
Description: I love it when you call me pig poppa
Throw your hands in the air,
if youse a true player
Piggie, piggie, piggie, can’t you see?
Sometimes your chili just hypnotize me.

Best Title of your Chili
Best Description of your chili (be as saucy, flirty, and sassy as you wanna be!)
Best Creative Culinary Creation Chili
Best Meat Chili
Best Vegetarian/Vegan Chili
*** And Best Cornbread — One overall prize was awarded in this category

This event in Portland, Oregon at one of our State Representatives home in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood, was a fundraiser hosted by CM Hall for the Basic Rights Oregon Equality PAC.

There were so many wonderful chili concoctions! The overall Chilampion was much deserved with their tropical infused (no beans for embarrassing incidents) chili with a sweet but zesty aftertaste, was Shaley Howard and her girlfriend Gia Goodrich for Lez Be Chilin. lez be chilin

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