Unicorn ornaments


Creating these cute unicorn ornaments turned out to be a success! Normally, when you pull a craft idea from Pinterest, it doesn’t quite turn out how you expect.

Supplies: Glass bulbs, craft clay, bits (flowers), felt, glitter, and floor polish (I used pledge floor polish), and hot glue.

Coat the inside of the bulbs with the floor polish and pour out (it looks just like slightly soapy water), then pour glitter inside and coat. Put bulb top back on. I used air-dray model magic for the unicorn horns. I hot glued the horn and flowers and jewels on, and the felt ears. I drew on the eyes with black permanent marker.

Super easy and cute as heck!

My adopted little sis, Ashley is modeling a unicorn horn in the background. 🙂

Rebel Craft Rumble!!!

SCRAP Presents…

Rebel Craft Rumble 2011
Wednesday, June 15, 7 – 9 p.m.
Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
Clinton Street Theater
2522 SE Clinton St.

With pinking shears drawn and glue guns locked and loaded, a fierce group of competitors will battle for crafting supremacy at Rebel Craft Rumble.  See what kick-ass crafts they’ll whip up and if they can seam-rip the title of “Craft Master” from Craft Zine’s editor-in-chief and last year’s winner, Sister Diane Gilleland.  All bouts will be judged by local celebs.

  • Must be 21 or older to attend.
  • General admission is $8 in advance, $10 at the door.
  • Tickets available at SCRAP or online
  • Admission includes a beer ticket for more rowdy fun!
  • Featuring the funky DJ Sacrilicious on turntables!

Contact: Kelley Carmichael Casey at SCRAP, 503-294-0769 x3, kelley@scrapaction.org


May 19, 2011


Portland crafters get ready to square off at SCRAP’s Rebel Craft Rumble, June 15

PORTLAND, Ore. – Armed with scissors, glue and plenty of sass, some of Portland ’s best crafters are ready to go head-to-head in the ultimate SCRAP smack-down.

Local crafters who believe they’ve got enough game to earn the title of Portland ’s Craft Master will square off and put their talents to the test in front of a live audience at SCRAP’s annual Rebel Craft Rumble, June 15.  

At Rebel Craft Rumble, four pre-qualified contestants will compete against one another for who can come up with the best craft creations under dramatic timed “bouts,” using only the materials selected for them.  To make it even more challenging, audience members also can bid on craft items that contestants must use as part of their designs. 

“It’s a true test of wits and strategy played out on ultimate crafting stage. Talent, time and tenaciousness will all come into play. The rowdiness of the audience may certainly be a factor as well,” said Kelley Carmichael Casey, executive director of SCRAP.

The contestants’ creations will be judged by Julie Sabatier of Destination DIY, Lindsey Newkirk of Junk to Funk Trashion Collective and Jen Neitzel and Richard Fox of DIY Lounge.  The best competitor will participate in the ultimate challenge against reigning champ and Craft Master, Sister Diane Gilleland, editor-in-chief of CRAFT.

Rebel Craft Rumble will be held at the Clinton Street Theater, 2522 SE Clinton, in Portland . Tickets are available at www.scrapaction.org/events/rebel-craft-rumble. General admission is $8 in advance, $10 at the door (admission includes 1 beer ticket). Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and proceeds will benefit SCRAP.  This rowdy event is 21+.

As Portland ’s favorite place for creative inspiration, SCRAP provides an environmentally sound solution for individuals, families and businesses to donate reusable material and discover affordable, interesting arts and crafts supplies. At SCRAP, being creative means being kind to the environment – SCRAP diverts more than 103 tons of materials annually from the waste stream.  Located at 2915 N.E. MLK Blvd. , in Portland , SCRAP also can be found online atwww.scrapaction.org.

SCRAP thanks its hardcore sponsors for this event:  ReDirect Guide, Mid-America Overseas, Inc, MacTarnahan’s Brewing, Chinook Book and The Workshop.


“Old School Crafty” Audition

Yesterday, I auditioned with  Actual Industries for “Old School Crafty”!  It was a blast.  I interviewed in their really cool offices and the lovely ladies greeted me.  After my interview with Jean and Tiffany, I was handed a brown paper bag full of “SCRAPpy goodies.”  I get 15 minutes on camera to create a piece of wearable art.  I quickly cut out some flowers shapes out of some fabulous fabric samples, grab the hot glue gun, and start gluing together my pieces.  Then I discover pieces of wire!  I start adding wire between petals and leaves and give it some depth.  I add a safety pin to the back and now have a colorful, fun flower pin to wear! I don’t get to keep it though.  So, even if I don’t get to be involved, I had a great time and met some great people!

Here’s the ad for the audition:

You might have heard the term, “Keep Portland Weird.” Well, there’s a reason we say that here. Portlanders tend to look at things a little differently. Where one might see junk, others see opportunity. The people in this area value the “Do It Yourself” spirit. Maybe it’s that pioneer backbone that’s still lingering from our trailblazing forefathers. You may not have grown up knowing how to build your own bike, brew your own beer, or make your own clothes, but if you live in the Northwest, you’re bound to meet others who do, and will gladly show you how. That is what “Old School Crafty” is all about. Embracing that sense of community and artistic ability inherent in all of us.

In these tight economic times, we are all trying to be resourceful and come up with alternative ways to make unique homemade items. Not only is it good for the community to use re-purposed materials, but it also shows how one can think outside of the box and find new uses for items deemed trash. This is where the “Old School” craftiness really kicks in. Generations before us had to make do with what they had at their disposal. In the society that we live in now, our options are endless. We are only limited as far as our imagination can take us.

If you think you have what it takes to get crafty with Actual, then contact Tiffany or Jean at crafty @ actualindustries.com today. We cannot wait to see who our first crafty MVP will be…