New Book Design

While cleaning out my old office at work, I noticed that my co-workers were tossing out their tablets of paper because they just had a few pages left on them.  I collected all of them, and removed the paper, stacked it, drilled holes in it and created this new type of journal.  It is 98% reused materials.  ImageImage

fun-a-day Portland

 This January The artclash collective ( is holding their sixth annual Fun-A-Day Project! Guidelines for entry are simple. Create your own project and produce one piece of artwork each day for the entire month of January. Then submit your 31 pieces by early February to be included in the show.
Fun-A-Day Portland
February 13, 2010 , 7 to 11p.m. at St. David’s Episcopal Church
2800 SE Harrison Street, Portland, OR 97214-5699
I am doing a piece a day that will be combined into one big piece like a huge calendar.

New artwork showing at SCRAP

I just had some of my artwork (3 pieces) showing at Colored Pencils at City Hall on December 3, 2009.  I had great responses from folks.  Especially on the larger piece with almost 120 miniature collages framed in seed beads.  Now, the same three pieces are showing on the walls of SCRAP’s Creative Reuse Center at 2915 NE MLK Blvd, Portland, Oregon.

so many ideas, so little time

I have started several projects at the studio and have not finished any of them.  There are so many things that I want to do and to try, but do not have the time!

I own a book by Claudine Helmuth that I browse all the time for inspiration. It is called Collage Discovery Workshop.  I love the style that she uses.  I recently purchased a more recent book by Claudine called Collage Discovery Workshop: Expect the Unexpected.  This book has all kinds of different methods of collage that involve techniques to create different surfaces, backgrounds, etc.  Oh…so exciting!

I am working on so many things right now outside of crafting that I do not seem to have enough time to do the crafts and new ideas that I want to do!

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